Commit a45f4885 authored by Gergely Csatari's avatar Gergely Csatari
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Error corrections

* Bug 70: Content-Type removed from the 204 response of Terminate Subscription in
  VNF Fault Management API.

Change-Id: I07d3a94631295bab11c9dbb791c8f89ea7f93bfd
Signed-off-by: Gergely Csatari's avatarGergely Csatari <>
parent caf76a9a
......@@ -483,14 +483,6 @@ paths:
The subscription resource was deleted successfully.
The response body shall be empty.
description: >
The MIME type of the body of the request.
Reference: IETF RFC 7231
type: string
maximum: 1
minimum: 1
$ref: "../../responses/SOL002SOL003_resp.yaml#/responses/400"
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