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SO003_9: Added new attribute to IPverEthernetAddressData datamodel

parent 53a6ff0c
......@@ -470,6 +470,19 @@ definitions:
the VIM.
At least one of "macAddress" or "ipAddresses" shall be present.
$ref: "#/definitions/MacAddress"
description: "Specifies the encapsulation type for the traffics coming in and out of the trunk subport.
Permitted values:
- VLAN: the subport uses VLAN as encapsulation type.
- INHERIT: the subport gets its segmentation type from the network it’s connected to.
This attribute may be present for CP instances that represent subports in a trunk and shall be
absent otherwise. If this attribute is not present for a subport CP instance, default value VLAN shall be used."
type: string
description: >
Identification of the network segment to which the Cp instance connects to. If the Cp instance represents a
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