Commit 7dca703a authored by piscione's avatar piscione
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SOL003_18: added new attributes to VnfLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification datamodel

parent 69cc66b8
......@@ -2098,6 +2098,20 @@ definitions:
any changes to VNF instance information, including VNF configurable
properties. Shall be absent otherwise.
$ref: "#/definitions/VnfInfoModifications"
description: >
Information about virtual IP CP instances that were affected during the execution of the lifecycle management
operation, if this notification represents the result of a lifecycle management operation occurrence.
Shall be present if the "notificationStatus" is set to "RESULT", the "verbosity" attribute is set to "FULL"
and the operation has made any changes to the VIP CP instances of the VNF instance. Shall be absent otherwise.
Only information about VIP CP instances that have been added, deleted or modified shall be provided.
type: array
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003VNFLifecycleManagement_def.yaml#/definitions/AffectedVipCp"
description: >
Information about changed external connectivity, if this notification
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