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SOL002_63: filters implemented in VNF Indicator GET

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......@@ -130,6 +130,47 @@ paths:
of that response.
type: string
required: true
- name: filter
description: >
Attribute-based filtering expression according to clause 4.3.2.
The VNFM shall support receiving this parameter as part of the URI query string.
The EM/VNF shall support receiving filtering parameters as part of the URI query string.
The VNFM may supply filtering parameters.
All attribute names that appear in the VnfIndicator data type and in data types referenced
from it shall be supported in attribute-based filtering parameters.
obj1: {"id":123, "weight":100, "parts":[{"id":1, "color":"red"}, {"id":2, "color":"green"}]}
obj2: {"id":456, "weight":500, "parts":[{"id":3, "color":"green"}, {"id":4, "color":"blue"}]}
Request 1:
GET …/container
Response 1:
{"id":123, "weight":100, "parts":[{"id":1, "color":"red"}, {"id":2, "color":"green"}]},
{"id":456, "weight":500, "parts":[{"id":3, "color":"green"}, {"id":4, "color":"blue"}]}
Request 2:
GET …/container?filter=(eq.weight,100)
Response 2:
{"id":123, "weight":100, "parts":[{"id":1, "color":"red"}, {"id":2, "color":"green"}]}
#Request 2 in EXAMPLE from clause 4.3.2 probably wrong, since "," should be used after opOne (eq), "." is used
in: query
required: false
type: string
- name: nextpage_opaque_marker
description: >
Marker to obtain the next page of a paged response. Shall be supported by the EM/VNF
if the EM/VNF supports alternative 2 (paging) according to clause for this resource.
in: query
required: false
type: string
summary: Query multiple indicators related to a VNF instance.
description: >
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