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# NFV SOL002 and SOL003 APIs
This repository hosts the [OpenAPI]( specificatons and other documentation
for the APIs defined in ETSI NFV GSs [SOL002]( and [SOL003](
for the APIs defined in ETSI NFV GSs [SOL002]( and [SOL003](
The APIs described in this repository are defined for the following reference points:
......@@ -45,12 +45,12 @@ ETSI Forge uses Gerrit to manage submissions to the repository, any submission i
See the recent builds from:
* [Master](
* [Gerrit changes](
* [Master branch](
* [Other branches](
## License
Copyright (c) ETSI 2017.
Copyright (c) ETSI 2019.
This software is subject to copyrights owned by ETSI. Non-exclusive permission
is hereby granted, free of charge, to copy, reproduce and amend this file
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