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SOL002_49: ThresholdCrossedNotification updated with subObjectInstanceId (not required property)

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......@@ -486,17 +486,25 @@ definitions:
description: >
Identifier that identifies a VNF instance.
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/Identifier"
description: >
Identifier of the sub-object of the measured object (i.e. a VNFC instance)
to which the measurement applies.
Shall be present if this is required in an external measurement specification.
The sub-object allows to structure the measured object, but is not to be confused
with sub-counters which allow to structure the measurement.
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
description: >
Performance metric associated with the threshold.
This attribute shall contain the related "Measurement Name"
value as defined in clause 7.2 of ETSI GS NFV-IFA 027.
type: string
description: >
Value of the metric that resulted in threshold crossing.
The type of the "performanceValue" attribute (i.e. scalar, structure
(Object in JSON), or array (of scalars, arrays or
structures / Objects)) is assumed to be defined in the external
measurement specification (see ETSI GS NFV-IFA 027).
The type of this attribute shall correspond to the related
"Measurement Unit" as defined in clause 7.2 of ETSI GS NFV-IFA 027.
type: object
description: >
......@@ -520,4 +528,4 @@ definitions:
description: >
Link to the resource that represents the threshold that was
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/Link"
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/Link"
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