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SOL003: v308 updates -> AffectedExtLinkPort updated

parent 9f18412e
......@@ -1241,7 +1241,7 @@ definitions:
description: >
Identifier of the link port, identifying the applicable "extLinkPorts" entry in the "ExtVirtualLinkInfo" data
type (see clause
type (see clause
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/Identifier"
description: >
......@@ -1262,6 +1262,15 @@ definitions:
Reference to the link port resource.
Detailed information is (for added resources) or has been (for removed resources) available from the VIM.
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/ResourceHandle"
description: >
The identifier of the "ResourceDefinition" in the granting exchange related to the LCM operation occurrence.
It shall be present when an applicable GrantInfo for the granted resource exists.
The "resourceDefinitionId" attribute provides information to the API consumer (i.e. the NFVO) to assist in
correlating the resource changes performed during the LCM operation with the granted resources in a
specific Grant exchange, which is identified by the "grantId" available in the "Individual VNF lifecycle
management operation occurrence" and the "id" in the "Individual Grant".
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierLocal"
description: >
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