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SOL003_31: added new attributes to ResourceDefinition datamodel and added note

parent 9e71e388
......@@ -458,6 +458,18 @@ definitions:
- if type="LINKPORT" : VnfExtCpd
- if type="STORAGE" : VirtualStorageDesc
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnfd"
description: >
Reference to a secondary resource template (VnfExtCpd) in the VNFD.
Shall be present if type="LINKPORT" and the linkport is shared by two external
CP instances, one exposing a VNFC CP instance (based on a VnfExtCpd referenced
by "resourceTemplateId") and another one exposing a VIP CP instance (based on a
VnfExtCpd referenced by this attribute). Shall be absent otherwise.
The use cases UC#4 and UC#5 in Annex A.4 of ETSI GS NFV-IFA 007 [1] provide examples for such a configuration.
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnfd"
description: >
Resource information for an existing resource. Shall be present for
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