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    Different bugfixes to the SOL003 and SOL002 definitions · 72859a77
    Gergely Csatari authored
      - "LccnSubscription.filter.notificationTypes": type should be array
      - LifecycleChangeNotificationsFilter should be referred in all occurences
        from the same shource
      - "VnfInfoModificationRequest.vimConnectionInfo": type should be array
      - "LccnSubscription._links.self": type should be 'Link'
      - VimConnectionInfo should be an array in Grant
      - Remove ERROR state
      - Indentaion of type is wrong in ExtVirtualLinkInfo.extLinkPorts
      - Fix of Bug 48 - SOL003 - LCM : Error in Instantiate Response
      - Fix of Bug 49 - SOL003 - LCM : missing location in Instantiate Response
      - Fix of Bug 55 - SOL003,VnfPackageChangeNotification Request: not expected value in range
      - Fix of Bug 58 - The OpenAPI file assume that other methods than POST are supported on the
                        /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/instantiate ressource. This is not
                        consistent with the base GS.
      - Fix of Bug 60 - SOL003 OpenAPIs Should Not Be Marked As "Draft"
    Change-Id: I9a77ca8a4a9da340a3e4bfd409d32c8ae903c1f4
    Signed-off-by: Gergely Csatari's avatarGergely Csatari <gergely.csatari@nokia.com>