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    Update to SOL003 2.4.1 and some bugfixes · 3e5073aa
    Gergely Csatari authored
    Udating the definitions to the 2.4.1 version of SOL003.
      - All interfaces are ready for review
      - WWW-Authenticate was removed from responses except the 401-s and in places where
        it is explicitly mentioned in the description
      - vnfInstanceIds and vnfInstanceNames added to VnfInstanceSubscriptionFilter
      - Inline types of VnfInstance are move to the main definition
      - Description of GET of Individual VNF instance fixed
    Change-Id: I06e16a69cc5338e39aef8d41699dea33171ed1d2
    Signed-off-by: Gergely Csatari's avatarGergely Csatari <gergely.csatari@nokia.com>