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    Correction of bug 85 · 217719f0
    Gergely Csatari authored
    This pr is the correction of bug 85.
    The 202 response of the POST methods in the following resources:
    - /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/scale
    - /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/scale_to_level
    - /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/change_flavour
    - /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/terminate
    - /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/heal
    - /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/operate
    - /vnf_instances/{vnfInstanceId}/change_ext_conn
    contained a VNF instance object in their body what
    is not needed.
    Also the alarmId parameter added to the POST of /alarms/{alarmId}/escalate
    Signed-off-by: Gergely Csatari's avatarGergely Csatari <gergely.csatari@nokia.com>