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    description: >
      This type represents a subscription filter related to notifications about VNF indicator value changes.
      At a particular nesting level in the filter structure, the following applies: 
      All attributes shall match in order for the filter to match (logical "and" between different filter attributes).
      If an attribute is an array, the attribute shall match if at least one of the values in the array matches
      (logical "or" between the values of one filter attribute).
    type: object
        description: >
          Filter criteria to select VNF instances about which to notify. This attribute shall not be included
          when the VNFM sends a subscription request to a particular VNF instance.
        $ref: 'VnfInstanceSubscriptionFilter_def.yaml#/definitions/VnfInstanceSubscriptionFilter'                  
        description: >
          Match particular VNF indicator identifiers. 
        type: array
          $ref: '../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnfd'