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15.6.1=Referencing individual string elements
15.6.2=Referencing record and set fields
15.6.3=Referencing record of and set of elements
15.6.4=Referencing signature parameters
15.6.5=Referencing union alternatives
15.7=Template matching mechanism
15.7.1=Specific values
15.7.2=Special symbols that can be used instead of values
......@@ -135,7 +137,9 @@
19=Basic program statements
19.2=The if-else statement
19.3=The select case statement
19.3=The Select statements
19.3.1=The select case statement
19.3.2=The select union statement
19.4=The for statement
19.5=The while statement
19.6=The do-while statement
......@@ -292,6 +296,7 @@ B.1.5.2=Reference expression
B.1.5.3=Match expression n times
B.1.5.4=Match a referenced character set
B.1.5.5=Type compatibility rules for patterns
B.1.5.6=Case insensitive pattern matching
C=Pre-defined TTCN-3 functions
C.0=General exception handling procedures
C.1=Integer to character
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