Commit 5b5a5970 authored by stancakapost's avatar stancakapost
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added verdict reasons

parent b7779022
......@@ -21,10 +21,12 @@ module Sem_160102_predefined_functions_091 {
var float v_random1 := rnd(seed);
var float v_random2 := rnd();
if(match(v_random2, rnd(v_random1)) and not match(seed, v_random1) ) {
} else {
if (not match(rnd(seed), v_random1)) {
setverdict(fail, "rnd from same seed has to be identical to ", v_random1);
if (match(rnd(seed+1.0), v_random1)) {
setverdict(fail, "rnd from different seed should not be identical with ", v_random1);
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