Commit f538d62a authored by YannGarcia's avatar YannGarcia
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Enhance Test System documentation support

parent af471f5a
......@@ -5,12 +5,6 @@
set -e
set -vx
docker rmi --force b5950301dd8c
docker images
docker ps -a
# Force removing stfubuntu docker image
if [ "$1" == "--force-stfubuntu" ]; then
if [ -n `docker images -q stfubuntu` ]; then
......@@ -3,11 +3,18 @@
#set -e
set -vx
echo -e "*****************************\n* Add specific Latex package \n*****************************\n"
sudo apt-get -y install texlive-latex-extra
echo -e "*****************************\n* Build docs \n*****************************\n"
. /home/etsi/devenv.bash
cd ${HOME}/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/docs || exit 1
doxygen ./o2.cfg || exit 1
# Generate PDF file
cd ${HOME}/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/docs/AtsNg112Docs/latex
make && mv refman.pdf ${HOME}/docs/etsi_mec_help.pdf
cd ${HOME}
exit 0
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