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Add RLOC tests

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module LocationAPI_TypesAndValues {
import from JSON all;
// LibCommon
import from LibCommon_BasicTypesAndValues all;
......@@ -32,9 +35,9 @@ module LocationAPI_TypesAndValues {
* @member accuracy
type record LocationInfo {
float latitude,
float longitude,
float altitude optional,
JSON.Number latitude,
JSON.Number longitude,
JSON.Number altitude optional,
UInt32 accuracy
} // End of type LocationInfo
......@@ -115,7 +118,7 @@ module LocationAPI_TypesAndValues {
* @desc CallBackData if passed by the application during the associated ZonalTrafficSubscription and UserTrackingSubscription operation. See [\
type universal charstring CallbackData;
type JSON.String CallbackData;
* @desc Notification callback definition.
......@@ -159,12 +162,12 @@ REST_NetAPI_Common].
* @desc Period (in seconds) of time notifications are provided for. If set to \"0\" (zero), a default duration time, which is specified by the service policy, will be used. If the parameter is omitted, the notifications will continue until the maximum duration time, which is specified by the service policy, unless the notifications are stopped by deletion of subscription for notifications. This element MAY be given by the client during resource creation in order to signal the desired lifetime of the subscription. The server MUST return in this element the period of time for which the subscription will still be valid.
type universal charstring Duration;
type JSON.Date Duration;
* @desc Interest realm of access point (e.g. geographical area, a type of industry etc.).
type universal charstring InterestRealm;
type JSON.String InterestRealm;
* @desc Link to other resources
module JSON {
// JSON Number type (generic)
type float Number (!-infinity .. !infinity) /*with {
variant "JSON:number"
// Integer type
type integer Integer (-infinity .. infinity) /*with {
variant "JSON:integer"
// String type
type universal charstring String /*with {
variant "JSON:string"
type universal charstring Date /*with {
variant "JSON:date"
// Array type
/*type record of JSON.Values Array with {
variant "JSON:array"
// Subsidiary array types
type record of JSON.String StrArray /*with {
variant "JSON:array"
type record of JSON.Number NumArray /*with {
variant "JSON:array"
type record of JSON.Integer IntArray /*with {
variant "JSON:array"
type record of JSON.Bool BoolArray with {
variant "JSON:array"
type record of JSON.Object ObjArray with {
variant "JSON:array"
// Object member
/*type record ObjectMember {
JSON.String name,
JSON.Values value_
} with {
variant "JSON:objectMember"
// Generic JSON object type
/*type record Object {
record length (1..infinity) of JSON.ObjectMember memberList optional
} with {
variant "JSON:object"
type union Values {
JSON.String str,
JSON.Number num,
JSON.Integer int,
JSON.Object object,
JSON.Array array,
JSON.StrArray strArray,
JSON.NumArray numArray,
JSON.IntArray intArray,
JSON.BoolArray boolArray,
JSON.ObjArray objArray,
JSON.Bool bool,
JSON.Null null_
} with {
variant "asValue"
//JSON literals
//When only the true and false literals are allowed
type boolean Bool /*with { variant "JSON:literal" }*/
//When only the null literal is allowed
type enumerated Null { null_ }; /*with { variant "JSON:literal" }*/
} // End of module JSON
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