Commit b65c5626 authored by Michele Carignani's avatar Michele Carignani
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remove clone of the repository, use ADD

parent 0b916601
......@@ -88,9 +88,9 @@ RUN cd /home/etsi \
# Seems that COPY does not work as expected, to be investaged
#==> Fallback to more secured solution
#COPY [^.]* /home/etsi/dev/STF569_Mec/
ADD . /home/etsi/dev/STF569_Mec
#COPY home home/etsi
RUN git clone /home/etsi/dev/STF569_Mec
# RUN git clone /home/etsi/dev/STF569_Mec
RUN chown -R etsi /home/etsi/dev/STF569_Mec/ && cd /home/etsi/dev/STF569_Mec
USER etsi
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