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Enhance script

parent 4c8c6f46
......@@ -31,9 +31,14 @@ make
echo -e "*****************************\n* Init Eclipse Workspace\n*****************************\n"
echo -e "*****************************\n* Build Mec test suite\n*****************************\n"
cd ./etc/AtsMec
ln -sf AtsMec_Sandbox.cf_ AtsMec.cfg
cd -
echo -e "*****************************\n* Change sudo in command line\n*****************************\n"
#cd /home/etsi/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/scripts
#sed --in-place 's/sudo/echo "etsi" \| sudo -S/' ./run_mtc.bash
#sed --in-place 's/sudo/echo "etsi" \| sudo -S/' ./run_ptcs.bash
cd /home/etsi/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/scripts
export ATS=AtsMec
#sed --in-place 's/sudo/echo "etsi" \| sudo -S/' ./run_all.bash
cd /home/etsi/dev/TTF_T012_Mec
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