Commit 61d535a5 authored by YannGarcia's avatar YannGarcia
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Bug fixed in vagrant/provisioner.bash script

parent 0fb5ac93
......@@ -159,18 +159,18 @@ if wget --progress=dot:mega '
# Build Titan
cd /home/vagrant/dev/TTF012_Mec/scripts
cd /home/vagrant/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/scripts
. /home/vagrant/devenv.bash
# Build ATSs
cd /home/vagrant/dev/TTF012_Mec
cd /home/vagrant/dev/TTF_T012_Mec
export ATS=AtsMec
# Change user in cfg files
cd ${HOME}/dev/TTF012_Mec/scripts
./ TTF012_Mec
cd ${HOME}/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/scripts
./ TTF_T012_Mec
# Update configuration file
cd ./etc/AtsMec
......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ ln -sf AtsMec_Sandbox.cf_ AtsMec.cfg
cd -
# Change sudo in command line
cd /home/etsi/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/scripts
cd /home/vagrant/dev/TTF_T012_Mec/scripts
#sed --in-place 's/sudo/echo "etsi" \| sudo -S/' ./run_mtc.bash
#sed --in-place 's/sudo/echo "etsi" \| sudo -S/' ./run_ptcs.bash
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