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Fix TC_MEC_SRV_RNIS_012_BR schema for _self link

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......@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ Resource ../../GenericKeywords.robot
Resource resources/RadioNetworkInformationAPI.robot
Library REST ${MEC-APP_SCHEMA}://${MEC-APP_HOST}:${MEC-APP_PORT} ssl_verify=false
*** Test Cases ***
Request RNIS subscription list using bad parameters
[Documentation] TC_MEC_SRV_RNIS_011_BR
......@@ -25,10 +23,9 @@ Create RNIS subscription using bad parameters
... Check that the RNIS service responds with an error when it receives a request to create a new RNIS subscription with a wrong format
... ETSI GS MEC 012 2.1.1, clause
... Reference
Post RNIS subscription request {"CellChangeSubscription": {"subscriptionType": "CelCangeSubscription", "callbackReference": "${HREF}", "_links": {"self": "${LINKS_SELF}"}, "filterCriteria": {"appInsId": "01", "associateId": [{"type": "UE_IPV4_ADDRESS", "value": 1}], "plmn": {"mcc": "01", "mnc": "001"}, "cellId": ["800000"], "hoStatus": "COMPLETED"}, "expiryDeadline": {"seconds": 1577836800, "nanoSeconds": 0}}}
Post RNIS subscription request {"CellChangeSubscription": {"subscriptionType": "CelCangeSubscription", "callbackReference": "${HREF}", "_links": {"self": { "href": "${LINKS_SELF}" } }, "filterCriteria": {"appInsId": "01", "associateId": [{"type": "UE_IPV4_ADDRESS", "value": 1}], "plmn": {"mcc": "01", "mnc": "001"}, "cellId": ["800000"], "hoStatus": "COMPLETED"}, "expiryDeadline": {"seconds": 1577836800, "nanoSeconds": 0}}}
Check HTTP Response Status Code Is 400
*** Keywords ***
Get RNIS subscription list with wrong parameter
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