Commit 0c6d1cad authored by Elian Kraja's avatar Elian Kraja
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Adding validation scripts

parent 6fdd350c
echo "Starting check on ROBOT CODE"
for FILE in $(find . -name "*.robot"); do
echo "Syntax check on ${FILE}"
robot --dryrun -d /tmp ${FILE}
## Launch robot tests validator
/bin/bash /scripts/ > logs/robot_stdout.log 2> logs/robot_stderr.log
## Filter failed Keywords
grep -r10n "| FAIL |" logs/robot_stdout.log | grep -v "Output:" | grep -v "Log:" | grep -v "Report:" > logs/failures.log
rm -f logs/robot_stdout.log
## Filter Errors on code
grep -rn " ERROR " logs/robot_stderr.log | grep -v "File has no tests or tasks" > logs/errors.log
rm -f logs/robot_stderr.log
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