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  ETSI GS MEC 029 Fixed Access Information API
  ETSI GS MEC 029 Fixed Access Information API described using OpenAPI.
  The version of the OpenAPI document: 2.1.1
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syntax = "proto3";

package mec029;

import public "models/ani_alarm_subscription_filter_criteria_ani_alarm.proto";
import public "models/ani_alarm_subscription_links.proto";
import public "models/time_stamp.proto";

message AniAlarmSubscription {

  // Shall be set to \\\"AniAlarmSubscription\\\"
  string subscriptionType = 1;

  AniAlarmSubscriptionLinks Underscorelinks = 2;

  // The index of an access network interface supported by the optical network unit.
  string aniIndex = 3;

  // URI selected by the service consumer to receive notifications on the subscribed FAIS information. This shall be included both in the request and in response.
  string callbackReference = 4;

  TimeStamp expiryDeadline = 5;

  AniAlarmSubscriptionFilterCriteriaAniAlarm filterCriteriaAniAlarm = 6;