WLAN Information API

MEC WLAN Information API - ETSI MEC GS 028

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    Merge branch 'develop' into 'master' · da441083
    Walter Featherstone authored
    MEC028 v2.2.1 update - OAS & Proto3 representation updated
    OAS & Proto3 representation have been updated to v2.2.1 specification.
    Update followed [OpenAPI development guidelines](https://mecwiki.etsi.org/index.php?title=OpenAPI_development_guidelines)
    - Generation using doc2oas *(a separate merge request has been created for the config file update)*
    - Level-1 validation passing *(no warnings in Swagger-Editor, swagger-cli validate, speccy lint)*
    - Level-2 validation passing *(no error in Swagger-UI, visual inspection)*
    - Level-3 validation passing *(swagger code generation)*
    - Proto3 generation passing
    - Proto3 code generation passing
    - Jenkins validation passing
    See merge request !5
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