Commit 262ffa00 authored by Walter Featherstone's avatar Walter Featherstone
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The type Href should not be readOnly, even though the containing attribute maybe

parent 0a3f794f
...@@ -778,7 +778,6 @@ ...@@ -778,7 +778,6 @@
"description": "URI referring to a resource", "description": "URI referring to a resource",
"type": "string", "type": "string",
"format": "uri", "format": "uri",
"readOnly": true,
"example": "/meMp1/example" "example": "/meMp1/example"
}, },
"Mp1SubscriptionLinkList.Links": { "Mp1SubscriptionLinkList.Links": {
...@@ -592,7 +592,6 @@ components: ...@@ -592,7 +592,6 @@ components:
description: URI referring to a resource description: URI referring to a resource
type: string type: string
format: uri format: uri
readOnly: true
example: /meMp1/example example: /meMp1/example
Mp1SubscriptionLinkList.Links: Mp1SubscriptionLinkList.Links:
description: Self-referring URI. description: Self-referring URI.
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