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Adding XSD testing

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import logging
import glob
import sys
import argparse
from pathlib import Path
from pprint import pprint
import os
from lxml import etree
from xml.etree.ElementTree import ParseError
from xmlschema import XMLSchema, XMLSchemaParseError
def BuildSchemaDictonary (fileList):
if len(fileList) == 0:"No schema files provided")
return []"Schema locations:")
schemaLocations = []
for schemaFile in fileList:
xs = XMLSchema(schemaFile, validation='skip')
schemaLocations.append((xs.default_namespace, str(Path(schemaFile).resolve())))" [ {0} -> {1} ]".format(xs.default_namespace, schemaFile))
except ParseError as ex:
logging.warning (" [ {0} failed to parse: {1} ]".format(schemaFile, ex))
return schemaLocations
def BuildSchema (coreFile, fileList = None):
schemaLocations = []
if fileList and len(fileList) > 0:
schemaLocations = BuildSchemaDictonary(fileList)
coreSchema = XMLSchema(str(Path(coreFile)), locations=schemaLocations)
return coreSchema
def ValidateSingleFile (schemaFile):
xs = XMLSchema(schemaFile, validation='skip')
except ParseError as ex:
logging.warning (" [ {0} failed to parse: {1} ]".format(schemaFile, ex))
return ex
return None
def ValidateXSDFiles (fileList):
if len(fileList) == 0:"No schema files provided")
return {}
schemaLocations = BuildSchemaDictonary(fileList)
errors = {}"Schema validation:")
for schemaFile in fileList:
schema = XMLSchema(schemaFile, locations = schemaLocations) + ": OK")
errors[schemaFile] = []
except XMLSchemaParseError as ex:
if (ex.schema_url) and (ex.schema_url != ex.origin_url):" Error {1} comes from {0}, suppressing".format(ex.schema_url, ex.message))
errors[schemaFile] = []
logging.warning(schemaFile + ": Failed validation ({0})".format(ex))
errors[schemaFile] = [ex.message]
return errors
def ValidateInstanceDocuments (coreFile, supportingSchemas, instanceDocs):
if (instanceDocs is None) or len(instanceDocs) == 0:
logging.warning ("No instance documents provided")
return []
schema = BuildSchema(coreFile, supportingSchemas)
errors = []
for instanceDoc in instanceDocs:
schema.validate(instanceDoc) ("{0} passed validation".format(instanceDoc))
except Exception as ex:
logging.error ("{0} failed validation: {1}".format(instanceDoc, ex))
return errors
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbosity", help="verbosity level", action="count", default=0)
parser.add_argument("input", help="include a directory or file", action="append", nargs="+")
args = parser.parse_args()
if (args.verbosity >= 1):
if (args.verbosity >= 2):
logging.debug("Very verbose selected")
logging.debug(f"Path: {args.input}")
includeFileList = []
for path in args.input[0]:
p = Path(path)
if not p.exists():
logging.error(f"Include path {path} not found")
if p.is_dir():
logging.debug(f"Expanding directory")
for g in glob.glob(os.path.join(str(p), "*.xsd")):">Including {g}")
else:"Including {p.absolute()}")
syntaxErrors = 0
print ("XSD syntax checks:")
print ("-----------------------------")
for file in includeFileList:
error = ValidateSingleFile(file)
if (error):
print (f" {file} : Syntax error [{error}]")
syntaxErrors += 1
print (f" {file} : OK")
print ("-----------------------------")
if (syntaxErrors > 0):
print (f"{syntaxErrors} syntax errors detected")
results = ValidateXSDFiles(includeFileList)
print ("XSD build checks:")
print ("-----------------------------")
errorCount = 0
for fileName, errors in results.items():
if len(errors) > 0:
errorCount += len(errors)
print (f" {fileName}: {len(errors)} errors")
for error in errors:
if isinstance(error, XMLSchemaParseError):
print (error.msg)
print (f" {str(error.strip())}")
print (f" {fileName}: OK")
print ("-----------------------------")
print (f"{errorCount} build errors detected")
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