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Merge branch 'cr/102232-5/031' into 'meeting/LI59e'

Update IPMultimediaPDU.asn to align usage of audioFrame coding with mMCCprotocol coding and usage.

See merge request !63
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......@@ -51,7 +51,9 @@ IPMMCC ::= SEQUENCE
-- May contain c= and m= lines extracts for instance
mMCCprotocol [4] MMCCprotocol OPTIONAL
-- Used to identify the protocol of packets sent in MMCCContent (RTP, UDPTL, MSRP, etc.)
-- Absence means mMCCContents contains RTP/RTCP packets
-- Absence means mMCCContents contains RTP/RTCP packets or audio frame as indicated by the
-- frameType parameter.
FrameType ::= ENUMERATED
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