Commit 544c57c9 authored by Luke Mewburn's avatar Luke Mewburn Committed by Luke Mewburn
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PstnIsdnPDU: add common pstnIsdnPDUObjId

parent c879aadd
......@@ -20,10 +20,12 @@ IMPORTS
-- Object Identifier Definition
-- ============================
pstnIsdnPDUObjId RELATIVE-OID ::= {li-ps(5) pstnIsdn(6) version5(5)}
pstnIsdnIRIObjId RELATIVE-OID ::= {pstnIsdnPDUObjId iRI(1)}
pstnIsdnCCObjId RELATIVE-OID ::= {pstnIsdnPDUObjId cC(2)}
-- definitions are relative to
-- {itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) securityDomain(2) lawfulintercept(2)}
pstnIsdnIRIObjId RELATIVE-OID ::= {li-ps(5) pstnIsdn(6) version5(5) iRI(1)}
pstnIsdnCCObjId RELATIVE-OID ::= {li-ps(5) pstnIsdn(6) version5(5) cC(2)}
-- ===============================
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