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Update IPMultimediaPDU.asn

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......@@ -51,8 +51,7 @@ IPMMCC ::= SEQUENCE
-- May contain c= and m= lines extracts for instance
mMCCprotocol [4] MMCCprotocol OPTIONAL
-- Used to identify the protocol of packets sent in MMCCContent (RTP, UDPTL, MSRP, etc.)
-- Absence means mMCCContents contains RTP/RTCP packets except if the frameType is coded to
-- audioFrame, the absence means mMCCContents contains an RTP packet without the RTP header.
-- Absence means mMCCContents contains RTP/RTCP packets or audio frame as indicated by the frameType parameter.
  • This doesn't quite match what's in the r2 CR, as the word "parameter" isn't on a comment in the next line.

    Also, in the r2 CR, the new line should also be using 2 tabs instead of 8 spaces for indent, to be consistent with the existing ASN.1. (We are still using tabs for indent in this spec)

  • I agree with your comments. I will try to fix the error here by making sure the word "parameter" is on the next line. I guess I will need to create an r3 of the CR to fix the spaces that I used rather than the tabs.

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