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{itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) securityDomain(2) lawfulIntercept(2) li-ps(5) iPMultimedia(5) version6(6)}


	-- from TS 101 671 [1]
		FROM HI2Operations 
		{itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) securityDomain(2) lawfulIntercept(2) hi2(1) version16(16)};
-- ============================
-- ============================
iPMMIRIObjId RELATIVE-OID			::= {li-ps(5) iPMultimedia(5) version6(6) iRI(1)}
iPMMCCObjId RELATIVE-OID			::= {li-ps(5) iPMultimedia(5) version6(6) cC(2)}
	-- both definitions relative to: 
	-- {itu-t(0) identified-organization(4) etsi(0) securityDomain(2) lawfulIntercept(2)}

-- =====================================
-- IP Multimedia Communications Contents
-- =====================================

	mMCCContents				[1] OCTET STRING,
		-- Copy of the multimediastream, i.e. all related RTP/RTCP, UDPTL or MSRP packets
		-- Each IPMMCC shall contain one intercepted packet
		-- Protocol of the multimedia packets is indicated by means of mMCCprotocol parameter
		-- mMCCContents was called rTPCCContents in earlier versions until v2.3.2.
	frameType					[2] FrameType OPTIONAL,
		-- The availability of header information shall be signalled with the frameType parameter
		-- The module is defined as OPTIONAL because of backwards compatibility reasons
		-- For new implementations the module is MANDATORY to be used as defined in clause 5.5
	streamIdentifier			[3] OCTET STRING OPTIONAL,
		-- Used to identify the media stream within the current CIN, typically in case of 
		-- multiple media streams communications
		-- May be used to correlate each media stream with the relevant SDP media description of IRI
		-- May contain c= and m= lines extracts for instance
	mMCCprotocol				[4] MMCCprotocol OPTIONAL
		-- Used to identify the protocol of packets sent in MMCCContent (RTP, UDPTL, MSRP, etc.)
		-- Absence means mMCCContents contains RTP/RTCP packets
		-- All headers are present
		-- IP header is missing
		-- UDP and IP headers are missing
		-- All headers are missing
		-- UDP and IP headers are missing, artificial RTP frame has been added
		-- UDP and IP headers are missing
		-- mMCCContents parameter contains RTP/RTCP packets
		-- mMCCContents parameter contains MSRP packets
		-- mMCCContents parameter contains UDPTL packets

-- ========================================================
-- Intercept-related information for IP Multimedia sessions
-- ========================================================

	originalIPMMMessage			[0] OCTET STRING,
		-- Copy of the IP MM signalling packet including the original IP and UDP/TCP headers
	sIPMessage					[1] SIPMessage,
		-- Copy of the SIP content and the source and destination IP address
	h323Message					[2] H323Message,
		-- Copy of the H.323 content and the source and destination IP address
	nationalIPMMIRIParameters	[3] NationalIPMMIRIParameters
		-- This parameter is used according to national regulations
		-- This parameter shall be delivered as an IRI-Report-record
	iPDestinationAddress		[1] IPAddress,
	sIPContent					[2] OCTET STRING,

	iPDestinationAddress		[1] IPAddress,
	h323Content					[2] H323MessageContent,

	h225CSMessageContent		[0] OCTET STRING,
	h225RASMessageContent		[1] OCTET STRING,
	h245MessageContent			[2] OCTET STRING,
	genericMessageContent		[3] OCTET STRING,

NationalIPMMIRIParameters ::= SEQUENCE
	countryCode					[1] PrintableString (SIZE (2)),
		-- Country Code according to ISO 3166-1 [16],
		-- the country to which the parameters inserted after the extension marker apply.
	-- In case a given country wants to use additional national parameters according to its law,
	-- these national parameters should be defined using the ASN.1 syntax and added after the
	-- extension marker (...).
	-- It is recommended that "version parameter" and "vendor identification parameter" are
	-- included in the national parameters definition. Vendor identifications can be
	-- retrieved from the IANA web site (see Annex E Bibliography). Besides, it is recommended 
	-- to avoid using tags from 240 to 255 in a formal type definition.