Commit 52d74c4c authored by canterburym's avatar canterburym
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Merge branch 'cr/TS103221-1/029' into 'master'

Added EUI64 in TargetIdentifier

See merge request !49
parent c93b5cd4
......@@ -187,7 +187,8 @@
<xs:element name="peiImeisv" type="etsi103280:PEIIMEISV"/>
<xs:element name="gpsiMsisdn" type="etsi103280:GPSIMSISDN"/>
<xs:element name="gpsiNai" type="etsi103280:GPSINAI"/>
<xs:element name="hashedIdentifier" type="hashedID:HashedIdentifier"></xs:element>
<xs:element name="eui64" type="etsi103280:EUI64"/>
<xs:element name="hashedIdentifier" type="hashedID:HashedIdentifier"/>
<xs:element name="targetIdentifierExtension" type="TargetIdentifierExtension"/>
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