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Merge branch 'cr/103221-1/0034' into 'meeting/LI60'

TS 103 221-1 CR0034 - Adding NE alert when database is cleared

See merge request !10
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......@@ -744,6 +744,7 @@
<xs:element name="typeOfNeIssueMessage" type="TypeOfNeIssueMessage"/>
<xs:element name="description" type="xs:string"/>
<xs:element name="issueCode" type="xs:integer" minOccurs="0"/>
......@@ -754,6 +755,7 @@
<xs:enumeration value="Warning"/>
<xs:enumeration value="FaultCleared"/>
<xs:enumeration value="FaultReport"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Alert"/>
<!-- See section 6.5.4 -->
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