Task topic type

A task gives instructions for how to complete a procedure.

Tasks should be in this format:

# Title (starts with an active verb, like "Create a widget" or "Delete a widget")

Do this task when you want to...

Prerequisites (optional):

- Thing 1
- Thing 2
- Thing 3

To do this task:

1. Location then action. (Go to this menu, then select this item.)
1. Another step.
1. Another step.

Task result (optional). Next steps (optional).

Here is an example.

# Create an issue

Create an issue when you want to track bugs or future work.


- You must have at least the Developer role for the project.

To create an issue:

1. On the top bar, select **Main menu > Projects** and find your project.
1. On the left sidebar, select **Issues > List**.
1. In the top right corner, select **New issue**.
1. Complete the fields. (If you have reference content that lists each field, link to it here.)
1. Select **Create issue**.

The issue is created. You can view it by going to **Issues > List**.

Task topic titles

For the title text, use the structure active verb + noun. For example, Create an issue.

If you have several tasks on a page that share prerequisites, you can use the title Prerequisites and link to it.

Task introductions

To start the task topic, use the structure active verb + noun, and provide context about the action. For example, Create an issue when you want to track bugs or future work.

To start the task steps, use a succinct action followed by a colon. For example, To create an issue:

Task prerequisites

As a best practice, if the task requires the user to have a role other than Guest, put the minimum role in the prerequisites. See the Word list for how to write the phrase for each role.

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