Concept topic type

A concept introduces a single feature or concept.

A concept should answer the questions:

  • What is this?
  • Why would you use it?

Think of everything someone might want to know if they've never heard of this concept before.

Don't tell them how to do this thing. Tell them what it is.

If you start describing another concept, start a new concept and link to it.

Concepts should be in this format:

# Title (a noun, like "Widgets")

A paragraph that explains what this thing is.

Another paragraph that explains what this thing is.

Remember, if you start to describe about another concept, stop yourself.
Each concept should be about one concept only.

Concept topic titles

For the title text, use a noun. For example, Widgets or GDK dependency management.

If a noun is ambiguous, you can add a gerund. For example, Documenting versions instead of Versions.

Avoid these topic titles:

  • Overview or Introduction. Instead, use a more specific noun or phrase that someone would search for.
  • Use cases. Instead, incorporate the information as part of the concept.
  • How it works. Instead, use a noun followed by workflow. For example, Merge request workflow.