Commit 73029dca authored by Yang Tse's avatar Yang Tse
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ssluse.c: fix calling of OpenSSL's ERR_remove_state(0)

Move calling of ERR_remove_state(0) a.k.a ERR_remove_thread_state(NULL)
from Curl_ossl_close_all() to Curl_ossl_cleanup().

In this way ERR_remove_state(0) is now only called in libcurl by
curl_global_cleanup(). Previously it would get called by functions
curl_easy_cleanup(), curl_multi_cleanup and potentially each time a
connection was removed from a connection cache leading to premature
destruction of OpenSSL's thread local state hash.

Multi-threaded apps using OpenSSL enabled libcurl should still call
function ERR_remove_state(0) or ERR_remove_thread_state(NULL) at the
very end end of threads that do not call curl_global_cleanup().
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