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Curl and libcurl 7.56.1
 Public curl releases:         170
 Command line options:         211
 curl_easy_setopt() options:   249
 Public functions in libcurl:  74
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 Contributors:                 1626
This release includes the following bugfixes:

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Daniel Stenberg committed
 o imap: if a FETCH response has no size, don't call write callback [32]
 o ftp: UBsan fixup 'pointer index expression overflowed [1]
 o failf: skip the sprintf() if there are no consumers [2]
 o fuzzer: move to using external curl-fuzzer [3]
 o lib/Makefile.m32: allow customizing dll suffixes [4]
 o docs: fix typo in curl_mime_data_cb man page [5]
 o darwinssl: add support for TLSv1.3 [6]
 o build: fix --disable-crypto-auth [7]
 o lib/config-win32.h: let SMB/SMBS be enabled with OpenSSL/NSS [8]
 o openssl: fix build without HAVE_OPAQUE_EVP_PKEY [9]
 o strtoofft: Remove extraneous null check [10]
 o multi_cleanup: call DONE on handles that never got that [11]
 o tests: added flaky keyword to tests 587 and 644
 o pingpong: return error when trying to send without connection [12]
 o remove_handle: call multi_done() first, then clear dns cache pointer [13]
 o mime: be tolerant about setting twice the same header list in a part.
 o mime: improve unbinding top multipart from easy handle.
 o mime: avoid resetting a part's encoder when part's contents change.
 o mime: refuse to add subparts to one of their own descendants [14]
 o RTSP: avoid integer overflow on funny RTSP responses [15]
 o curl: don't pass semicolons when parsing Content-Disposition [16]
 o openssl: enable PKCS12 support for !BoringSSL [17]
 o CURLOPT_NOPROGRESS.3: also refer to xferinfofunction
 o CURLOPT_XFERINFODATA.3: fix duplicate see also
 o test298: verify --ftp-method nowcwd with URL encoded path [18]
 o FTP: URL decode path for dir listing in nocwd mode [19]
 o smtp_done: fix memory leak on send failure [20]
 o ftpserver: support case insensitive commands
 o test950; verify SMTP with custom request
 o openssl: don't use old BORINGSSL_YYYYMM macros [21]
 o setopt: update current connection SSL verify params [22]
 o winbuild/BUILD.WINDOWS.txt: mention WITH_NGHTTP2
 o curl: reimplement stdin buffering in -F option [23]
 o mime: keep "text/plain" content type if user-specified [24]
 o mime: fix the content reader to handle >16K data properly [25]
 o configure: remove the C++ compiler check [26]
 o memdebug: trace send, recv and socket [27]
 o runtests: use valgrind for torture as well
 o ldap: silence clang warning [28]
 o makefile.m32: allow to override gcc, ar and ranlib [29]
 o setopt: avoid integer overflows when setting millsecond values [30]
 o setopt: range check most long options [31]
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Daniel Stenberg committed
 o ftp: reject illegal IP/port in PASV 227 response [33]
 o mime: do not reuse previously computed multipart size [34]
 o vtls: change struct Curl_ssl `close' field name to `close_one'
 o os400: add missing symbols in config file
 o mime: limit bas64-encoded lines length to 76 characters
 o mk-ca-bundle: Remove URL for aurora [35]
 o mk-ca-bundle: Fix URL for NSS [36]
This release includes the following known bugs:

 o see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (

This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:

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Daniel Stenberg committed
  Alexey Melnichuk, Artak Galoyan, Benbuck Nason, Brian Carpenter,
  Christian Schmitz, Dan Fandrich, Daniel Stenberg, David Benjamin,
  Felix Kaiser, Javier Sixto, Jeroen Ooms, Jon DeVree, Kristiyan Tsaklev,
  Marcel Raad, Max Dymond, Nick Zitzmann, Patrick Monnerat, Viktor Szakáts,
  Wyatt O'Day, Zenju on github, 0xd34db347
  (21 contributors)
        Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)

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