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MS-dos static libs, 16bit C build, 16bit assember

SSLeay 0.6.1
options:bn(32,16) md2(char) rc4(idx,int) des(ptr,long) idea(short)
C flags:cl /ALw /Gx- /Gf /f- /Ocgnotb2 /G2 /W3 /WX -DL_ENDIAN /nologo -DMSDOS -D
The 'numbers' are in 1000s of bytes per second processed.
type           8 bytes     64 bytes    256 bytes   1024 bytes   8192 bytes
md2             18.62k       55.54k       76.88k       85.39k       86.52k
md5             94.03k      442.06k      794.38k      974.51k     1061.31k
sha             38.37k      166.23k      272.78k      331.41k      353.77k
sha1            34.38k      147.77k      244.77k      292.57k      312.08k
rc4            641.25k      795.34k      817.16k      829.57k      817.16k
des cfb        111.46k      118.08k      120.69k      119.16k      119.37k
des cbc        122.96k      135.69k      137.10k      135.69k      135.40k
des ede3        48.01k       50.92k       50.32k       50.96k       50.96k
idea cfb        97.09k      100.21k      100.36k      101.14k      100.98k
idea cbc       102.08k      109.41k      111.46k      111.65k      110.52k
rc2 cfb        120.47k      125.55k      125.79k      125.55k      125.55k
rc2 cbc        129.77k      140.33k      143.72k      142.16k      141.85k
rsa  512 bits   0.264s
rsa 1024 bits   1.494s