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This repository contains OpenAPI descriptions for the NGSI-LD interface defined by ETSI ISG CIM.

## Online resources

* [Navigate the API in the browser](
## Contribute

To get an account on ETSI Forge and to learn how to contribute visit the [Forge Getting started wiki](

More info @ [CONTIBUTE](./

Change requests are managed using [Gerrit](

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### Local editing
>:warning: The described setup requires [docker]( to be installed.

In order to edit the api locally, the script [](scripts/ can be used. When executed from the root of this repository,
it replaces all paths to the master branch inside [spec](spec) and [schema](schema) and serves them through a local file-server. Without that, all 
references are resolved with '' and therefore changes will not be present locally.

With the local file-server still running, you can build the bundled api via:
docker run --network host -it -v ${PWD}/:/data broothie/redoc-cli bundle spec/updated/ngsi-ld-spec-open-api.json -o spec/updated/full_api.json
And validate it with:
docker run --network host --rm -v ${PWD}/:/local openapitools/openapi-generator-cli validate -i /local/spec/updated/full_api.json

When editing is finished, hit the enter button on your local dev env and push.

## Report issues

To report issues, bugs or requests please fill in a bug [at this location](

Find the currently open issues [here](

## Contact information

Email at `cti_support` at `etsi` dot `org`.