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    changes following comments by STF160: · bee5ec09
    rennoch authored
              - import statements changed to avoid circular imports
                - import of LibSip_Common
                - types of LibSip_Common are commented out (Charstring_List, GenValue, GenericParam, SemicolonParam_List, AmpersandParam_List, CommaParam_List)
              - import statements changed to avoid dependency of PIXITs
                - import of LibSip_PIXITS commented out
                - c_mimeMultipart commented out
              - definition of DisplayName added
              - NameAddr changed to use DisplayName instead charstring (acc. to R5w140111)
              - featureCaps restored in MessageHeader
              - encoding rule "SIPCodec" added to types Request, *_Request, RequestUnion, Response (note: how to deal with this in the future is FFS)
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