Commit 74b10000 authored by petersenj's avatar petersenj
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inserted new function f_checkHeaderInfoURI

parent e1fa0c87
......@@ -684,6 +684,26 @@ group FieldOperations {
} // end f_getContactAddr
* @desc function checks if History-Info-Header of the p_message contains a particular URI
* @param p_message (request or response) SIP message to be analysed
* @param p_URI name of parameter
* @return true if p_URI parameter exist
function f_checkHeaderInfoURI(in Response p_message, SipUrl p_URI) return boolean
var integer v_chargeParamsLen;
if (ispresent(p_message.msgHeader.historyInfo)) {
for (var integer i:=0; i<sizeof(p_message.msgHeader.historyInfo.historyInfoList); i:=i+1)
{if(p_message.msgHeader.historyInfo.historyInfoList[i].nameAddr.addrSpec == p_URI)
{return (true)}
return (false)
* @desc function returns the Userinfo from a given To header field
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