Commit c2a86c62 authored by garciay's avatar garciay
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Add correct HashedId8 for ITS-CMS5 Plugtest

parent d94aa9b5
......@@ -19,10 +19,8 @@ module LibItsCam_Pixits {
modulepar charstring PX_CERT_FOR_TA := "CERT_TS_A_AT";
modulepar Oct8 PX_CERT_IUT_CAM_01 := '0000000000000000'O;
modulepar Oct8 PX_CERT_IUT_CAM_02 := 'C19561F65F12C99E'O;
modulepar Oct8 PX_CERT_IUT_CAM_02 := '0000000000000000'O;
modulepar Oct8 PX_CERT_IUT_CAM_03 := '0000000000000000'O;
modulepar Oct8 PX_CERT_IUT_CAM_03 := 'F62F77E85F283F06'O;
} // End of module LibItsSecurity_Pixits
\ No newline at end of file
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