Commit 99204451 authored by garciay's avatar garciay
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Start UpperTester changes

parent 858d5f2d
module LibItsDenm_EncdecDeclarations {
import from LibItsDenm_TypesAndValues all;
import from LibItsDenm_TestSystem all;
import from DENM_PDU_Descriptions language "ASN.1:1997" all;
......@@ -18,4 +19,7 @@ module LibItsDenm_EncdecDeclarations {
external function fx_dec_DENM (inout bitstring b, out DENM p) return integer
with {extension "prototype(sliding) decode(PER)"}
external function fx_enc_UtDenmInitialize (UtDenmInitialize p) return bitstring
with {extension "prototype(convert) encode(UpperTester)"}
} // End of module LibItsDenm_EncdecDeclarations
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