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Add JSON support for STF569_MEC

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module LibItsHttp_JSONTypes { // FIXME To be removed
* This file is volontary empry. You have to declare all XSD files required by your project
* In addition, the TTCN-3 module LibItsHttp_XmlMessageBodyTypes have to be updated too.
// TODO Add here your custom RFCs import
} // End of module LibItsHttp_JSONTypes
module LibItsHttp_JsonMessageBodyTypes {
* This file volontary contains a trivial declaration of the type JsonBody.
* In accordance with your TTCN-3 module LibItsHttp_JSONTypes, you have to change the JsonBody typing.
// TODO Add here your custom RFCs import
type union JsonBody {
// TODO Add here your custom variants
universal charstring raw
} with {
variant ""
} with {
variant ""
} // End of module LibItsHttp_JsonMessageBodyTypes
* @author ETSI / STF569
* @version $URL$
* $ID:$
* @desc This module provides the custom templates for ITS HTTP based protocols.
* @copyright ETSI Copyright Notification
* No part may be reproduced except as authorized by written permission.
* The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.
* All rights reserved.
module LibItsHttp_JsonTemplates {
// TODO Add here your custom RFCs import
// LibItsHttp
import from LibItsHttp_JsonMessageBodyTypes all;
import from LibItsHttp_XMLTypes all;
template (value) JsonBody m_json_body_raw(
in template (value) charstring p_raw
) := {
raw := p_raw
} // End of template m_json_body_raw
template (present) JsonBody mw_json_body_raw(
template (present) charstring p_raw := ?
) := {
raw := p_raw
} // End of template mw_json_body_raw
} // End of module LibItsHttp_JsonTemplates
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