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 *    @author     ETSI / STF545
 *    @version     $URL$
 *                $Id$
 *    @desc        Test System module for ITS PKI
 *    @copyright   ETSI Copyright Notification
 *                 No part may be reproduced except as authorized by written permission.
 *                 The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.
 *                 All rights reserved.
module LibItsPki_TestSystem {
  // LibCommon
  import from LibCommon_Sync all;
  import from LibCommon_Time all;
  // LibItsCommon
  import from LibItsCommon_TestSystem all;
  import from LibItsCommon_TypesAndValues all;
  import from LibItsExternal_TypesAndValues all;
  // LibIts
  import from IEEE1609dot2BaseTypes language "ASN.1:1997" all;
  import from IEEE1609dot2 language "ASN.1:1997" all;
  import from EtsiTs102941BaseTypes language "ASN.1:1997" all;
  import from EtsiTs102941TypesEnrolment language "ASN.1:1997" all;
  import from EtsiTs102941MessagesItss language "ASN.1:1997" all;
  import from EtsiTs103097Module language "ASN.1:1997" all;
  // LibItsSecurity
  import from LibItsSecurity_TestSystem all;
  // LibItsGeoNetworking
  import from LibItsGeoNetworking_TestSystem all;
  // LibItsHttp
  import from LibItsHttp_TestSystem all;
  type component ItsPkiSystem {
    port HttpPort httpPort;
  } // End of component ItsPkiSystem
  type component ItsPkiSystemItss extends ItsPkiSystem {
    port LibItsGeoNetworking_TestSystem.AdapterControlPort acPort;
    port LibItsGeoNetworking_TestSystem.UpperTesterPort utPort;
    port GeoNetworkingPort geoNetworkingPort;
  } // End of component ItsPkiSystemItss
  type component ItsPki extends ItsSecurityBaseComponent, ItsBaseMtc {
    port HttpPort httpPort;
  } // End of component ItsPki
  type component ItsPkiItss extends ItsGeoNetworking {
    port HttpPort httpPort;
  } // End of component ItsPkiItss
} // End of module LibItsPki_TestSystem