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ETSI EN 302 637-3 v1.2.2

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DENM-PDU-Descriptions {itu-t (0) identified-organization (4) etsi (0) itsDomain (5) wg1 (1) en (302637) denm (1) version (1)
ItsPduHeader, CauseCode, Speed, InformationQuality, ReferencePosition, ClosedLanes, DangerousGoodsExtended, Heading, LanePosition, LightBarSirenInUse, RoadType, HeightLonCarr, PosLonCarr, PosCentMass, PositioningSolutionType, RequestResponseIndication, StationType, SpeedLimit, StationarySince, TimestampIts, WheelBaseVehicle, TurningRadius, PosFrontAx, PositionOfOccupants, Temperature, VehicleMass, VehicleIdentification, EnergyStorageType, ActionID, ItineraryPath, NumberOfOccupants, PositionOfPillars, RelevanceTrafficDirection, RestrictedTypes, Traces, TransmissionInterval, ValidityDuration, RelevanceDistance, EventHistory, TrafficRule, DeltaReferencePosition FROM ITS-Container {
itu-t (0) identified-organization (4) etsi (0) itsDomain (5) wg1 (1) ts (102894) cdd (2) version (1)
header ItsPduHeader,
denm DecentralizedEnvironmentalNotificationMessage
DecentralizedEnvironmentalNotificationMessage ::= SEQUENCE {
management ManagementContainer,
situation SituationContainer OPTIONAL,
location LocationContainer OPTIONAL,
alacarte AlacarteContainer OPTIONAL
ManagementContainer ::= SEQUENCE {
actionID ActionID,
detectionTime TimestampIts,
referenceTime TimestampIts,
termination Termination OPTIONAL,
eventPosition ReferencePosition,
relevanceDistance RelevanceDistance OPTIONAL,
relevanceTrafficDirection RelevanceTrafficDirection OPTIONAL,
validityDuration ValidityDuration DEFAULT defaultValidity,
transmissionInterval TransmissionInterval OPTIONAL,
stationType StationType,
SituationContainer ::= SEQUENCE {
informationQuality InformationQuality,
eventType CauseCode,
linkedCause CauseCode OPTIONAL,
eventHistory EventHistory OPTIONAL,
LocationContainer ::= SEQUENCE {
eventSpeed Speed OPTIONAL,
eventPositionHeading Heading OPTIONAL,
traces Traces,
roadType RoadType OPTIONAL,
ImpactReductionContainer ::= SEQUENCE {
heightLonCarrLeft HeightLonCarr,
heightLonCarrRight HeightLonCarr,
posLonCarrLeft PosLonCarr,
posLonCarrRight PosLonCarr,
positionOfPillars PositionOfPillars,
posCentMass PosCentMass,
wheelBaseVehicle WheelBaseVehicle,
turningRadius TurningRadius,
posFrontAx PosFrontAx,
positionOfOccupants PositionOfOccupants,
vehicleMass VehicleMass,
requestResponseIndication RequestResponseIndication
RoadWorksContainerExtended ::= SEQUENCE {
lightBarSirenInUse LightBarSirenInUse OPTIONAL,
closedLanes ClosedLanes OPTIONAL,
restriction RestrictedTypes OPTIONAL,
speedLimit SpeedLimit OPTIONAL,
incidentIndication CauseCode OPTIONAL,
recommendedPath ItineraryPath OPTIONAL,
startingPointSpeedLimit DeltaReferencePosition OPTIONAL,
trafficFlowRule TrafficRule OPTIONAL,
referenceDenms ReferenceDenms OPTIONAL
StationaryVehicleContainer ::= SEQUENCE {
stationarySince StationarySince OPTIONAL,
stationaryCause CauseCode OPTIONAL,
carryingDangerousGoods DangerousGoodsExtended OPTIONAL,
numberOfOccupants NumberOfOccupants OPTIONAL,
vehicleIdentification VehicleIdentification OPTIONAL,
energyStorageType EnergyStorageType OPTIONAL
AlacarteContainer ::= SEQUENCE {
lanePosition LanePosition OPTIONAL,
impactReduction ImpactReductionContainer OPTIONAL,
externalTemperature Temperature OPTIONAL,
roadWorks RoadWorksContainerExtended OPTIONAL,
positioningSolution PositioningSolutionType OPTIONAL,
stationaryVehicle StationaryVehicleContainer OPTIONAL,
defaultValidity INTEGER ::= 600
Termination ::= ENUMERATED {isCancellation(0), isNegation (1)}
ReferenceDenms ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE(1..8, ...)) OF ActionID
# DENM EN 302 637-3
# Abstract Syntax Notation for DENM (ETSI EN 302 637-3)
Abstract Syntax Notation module for ETSI Decentralized Environmental Notification Basic Service messages
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This repository contains the ASN.1 module for ETSI Decentralized Environmental Notification Basic Service messages (DENM) in the **DENM-PDU-Descriptions.asn** file.
* The module is published with the **ETSI EN 302 637-3 v1.2.2** at November 2014.
## License
The content of this repository and the files contained are released under the BSD-3-Clause license.
See the attached LICENSE file or visit
## Dependencies
- ETSI TS 102 894-2 v1.2.1 - [Common Data Dictionary](
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