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......@@ -18,15 +18,15 @@ module ItsCam_TpFunctions {
// LibItsCommon
import from LibItsCommon_Pixits all;
// LibIts
import from LibItsCommon_Functions all;
import from LibItsCommon_TypesAndValues all;
// LibItsCAM
import from LibItsCam_TestSystem all;
import from LibItsCam_Functions all;
import from LibItsCam_Templates all;
import from LibItsCam_TypesAndValues all;
import from LibItsCam_Pics {modulepar all};
// ASN.1
import from ITS_Container language "ASN.1:1997" all;
import from CAM_PDU_Descriptions language "ASN.1:1997" all;
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