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add TCs to be compatible with TS103097 v1.2.5

parent 2785d819
<certificate name="CERT_IUT_A_1_AT">
<signer type="digest" name="CERT_TS_A_AA"/>
<subject type="AT" name="">
<!-- verification_key -->
<attribute type="verification_key">
<public_key algorythm="0">
<ecc_point type="uncompressed"/>
<!-- assurance_level -->
<attribute type="assurance_level">
<assurance level="3"/>
<!-- its_aid_ssp_list -->
<attribute type="its_aid_ssp_list">
<ssp aid="36">&#01;&#xFF;&#xFF;</ssp> <!-- CAM -->
<ssp aid="37">&#01;&#xFF;&#xFF;&#xFF;</ssp> <!-- DENM -->
<restriction type="time" start="+0" end="+365d"/>
<restriction type="region">
<signature algorithm="0"/>
......@@ -12,4 +12,9 @@ module ItsSecurity_Pics {
modulepar boolean PICS_DEBUG_ADDON := false;
* @desc Set to true to enable restrictions of TS 103 097 v1.2.5
modulepar boolean PICS_PLUGTEST_VERSION := false;
} // End of module ItsSecurity_Pics
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