Commit c1a348e2 authored by Yann Garcia's avatar Yann Garcia
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Update Linux script

parent 599a9680
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ make CC=gcc -f ${PATH_DEV_ITS}/asn1/Makefile
# Remove useless ASN.1 files
rm -fr ${PATH_DEV_ITS}/ttcn/LibIts/asn1/IS/ISO_TS_19091/original
rm -f ${PATH_DEV_ITS}/ttcn/LibIts/asn1/Security/TS102921/EtsiTs102941MessagesItss.asn
rm -f ${PATH_DEV_ITS}/ttcn/LibIts/asn1/Security/TS102921/MessagesItss_OptionalPrivacy.asn
rm -f ${PATH_DEV_ITS}/ttcn/LibIts/asn1/Security/TS102921/EtsiTs102941MessagesItss-OptionalPrivacy.asn
cd -
if [ ! -d ${PATH_DEV_ITS}/include/asn1 ]
Subproject commit a5e1ab80add66b05a967925f79948b05b5f7b058
Subproject commit 094113c7bb96d4d10d61024f8ac2aaff15f47928
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