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- The log files are located in ../logs folder. You can edit them using any editor or using the Eclipse TITAN log plugins
## Rebuild Wireshark with support of ETSI ITS Protocols
## Wireshark with support of ETSI ITS Protocols
A specific version of Wireshark, based on official version 2.6.x, is available [here](
The official version of Wireshark supporting ETSI ITS Protocols, is available [here](
The following Pre-requisites applies to build it:
- Your machine is installed followimg one of the installation method describes in the previous clause
- Your are logged as 'etsi' or 'vagrant' user
The following procedure applies to build it:
- Open a SSH session (PuTTY...)
- Change to the directory ~/frameworks
- Execute the following comands to clone the project and switch to the branck
$ git clone wireshark-for-ITS
$ git checkout ITS_Protocol_Support
- Create a folder ~/frameworks/wireshark-build
- Change to this folder
- Generate makefiles executing the following command
$ cmake ../wireshark-for-ITS
- Add specific compiler options to the file epan/dissectors/CMakeFiles/dissectors.dir/flags.make:
- Find the variable C_FLAGS
- Remove the flag : "-Wunused-const-variable"
- Build Wireshark/tshark executing the following command
$ make
- After the build, binaries are located in ~/frameworks/wireshark-build/run folder
- To distinguish this version of Wireshark from the others, a development tag 'ETSI ITS Protocols' is displayed on the GUI version
- You have to provide also the following link to indicate the location of the new built plugins
$ sudo ln -sf /home/vagrant/frameworks/wireshark-build/run/plugins/2.9 /usr/local/lib/wireshark/plugins/2.9
The following instructions enable the verify signature in real time.
Note: The verify signature can be done only if the certificate in include in the message
- In the Wireshak menu Edit/Preferences, select Protocols in the list on the left
- Search for 'ETSI ITS GeoNetworking' protocol
- Check the option 'Attempt to verify signatures
- Click on OK to validate your choice
## How to Report a Bug
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