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 *  @author   ETSI / STF545
 *  @version  $URL$
 *            $Id$
 *  @desc     Testcases  file for Security Protocol
 *  @reference   ETSI TS 103 097 v1.2.1
 *  @copyright   ETSI Copyright Notification
 *               No part may be reproduced except as authorized by written permission.
 *               The copyright and the foregoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.
 *               All rights reserved.
module ItsPki_TestCases {
    // Libcommon
    import from LibCommon_Time all;
    import from LibCommon_VerdictControl all;
    import from LibCommon_Sync all;
    import from LibCommon_BasicTypesAndValues all;
    // LibIts
    import from IEEE1609dot2BaseTypes language "ASN.1:1997" all;
    import from IEEE1609dot2 language "ASN.1:1997" all;
    import from EtsiTs102941BaseTypes language "ASN.1:1997" all;
    import from EtsiTs102941TypesEnrolment language "ASN.1:1997" all;
    import from EtsiTs102941MessagesItss language "ASN.1:1997" all;
    import from EtsiTs103097Module language "ASN.1:1997" all;
    // LibItsCommon
    import from LibItsCommon_TypesAndValues all;
    import from LibItsCommon_Functions all;
    import from LibItsCommon_TypesAndValues all;
    import from LibItsCommon_ASN1_NamedNumbers all;
    // LibItsGeoNetworking
    import from LibItsGeoNetworking_TestSystem all;
    import from LibItsGeoNetworking_Functions all;
    import from LibItsGeoNetworking_Templates all;
    import from LibItsGeoNetworking_TypesAndValues all;
    import from LibItsGeoNetworking_Pics all;

    // LibItsCam
    import from LibItsCam_Templates all;
    import from LibItsCam_Functions all;
    import from LibItsCam_Templates all;
    import from LibItsCam_Functions all;
    import from LibItsCam_TestSystem all;
    // LibItsDenm
    import from LibItsDenm_Templates all;
    import from LibItsDenm_TestSystem all;
    // LibItsSecurity
    import from LibItsSecurity_TypesAndValues all;
    import from LibItsSecurity_Templates all;
    import from LibItsSecurity_Functions all;
    import from LibItsSecurity_Pixits all;
    import from LibItsSecurity_Pics all;
    // LibItsPki
    import from LibItsPki_Templates all;
    // AtsPki
    import from ItsPki_Functions all;
    import from ItsPki_TestSystem all;
        testcase TC_SEC_PKI_SND_EA_01_BV() runs on ItsGeoNetworking system ItsPkiSystem {
            // Local variables
            var LongPosVector v_longPosVectorIut;
            var GeoNetworkingPdu v_securedGnPdu;
            var GnRawPayload v_sentRawPayload;
            // Test control
            if (not(PICS_GN_SECURITY)) {
                log("*** " & testcasename() & ":ERROR: 'PICS_GN_SECURITY' required for executing the TC ***");
            // Test component configuration
            v_longPosVectorIut := f_getPosition(c_compIut);
            // Test adapter configuration
            // Preamble
            f_acTriggerEvent(m_startPassBeaconing(m_beaconHeader(v_longPosVectorIut).beaconHeader)); // Authorize the TA to forward the received beacons
            f_selfOrClientSyncAndVerdictPreamble(c_prDone, e_success);
            // Test Body
            /*v_securedGnPdu := f_prepareEnrollmentRequest(
                                                     in template (value) charstring p_itsId,
                                                     in template (value) PublicKeys p_publicKeys,
                                                     in template (value) CertificateSubjectAttributes p_requestedSubjectAttributes //(WITH COMPONENTS{certIssuePermissions ABSENT}),
            alt {
                [] geoNetworkingPort.receive(
                ))) {
                    log("*** " & testcasename() & ": PASS: Security protocol version set to 3 ***");
                    f_selfOrClientSyncAndVerdictTestBody(c_tbDone, e_success);
                [] tc_ac.timeout {
                    log("*** " & testcasename() & ": INCONC: Expected message not received ***");
                    f_selfOrClientSyncAndVerdictTestBody(c_tbDone, e_timeout);
            } // End of 'alt' statement
            // Postamble
        } // End of testcase TC_SEC_ITSS_SND_MSG_01_BV
} // End of module ItsPki_TestCases