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  1. SOL005_#079 POST Method (on PM jobs) description and response updated (detail)
  2. SOL005_#080 GET Method (on PM jobs) request and response updated (detail)
  3. SOL005_#086 GET Method (on PM jobs) response updated (detail)
  4. SOL005_#089 DELETE Method (on PM jobs)  description and response updated (detail)
  5. SOL005_#093 GET Method (on Individual PM jobs) response updated (detail)
  6. SOL005_#098 POST Method (on Thresholds) description and response updated (detail)
  7. SOL005_#099 GET Method (on Thresholds) request and response updated (detail)
  8. SOL005_#105 GET Method (on Individual threshold) response updated (detail)
  9. SOL005_#108 DELETE Method (on Individual threshold) description and (detail)
  10. SOL005_#110 POST Method (on Subscriptions) description and response (detail)
  11. SOL005_#111 GET Method (on Subscriptions) request and response updated (detail)
  12. SOL005_#117 GET Method (on Individual subscription) response updated (detail)
  13. SOL005_#120 DELETE Method (on Individual subscription) description and (detail)
  14. SOL005_#121-SOL005_#121 POST and GET Methods (on Notification (detail)
  15. SOL005_#126 Resource "PmSubscriptionRequest" updated. (detail)
  16. SOL005_#127 Resource "ThresholdCrossedNotification" updated (detail)
  17. SOL005_#128 Resource "PerformanceInformationAvailableNotification" (detail)
  18. SOL005_#129 Resource "PerformanceReport " updated (detail)

Started by GitLab push by Samir Medjiah

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